SEO Code Of Ethics

Titletagged - We're the Good Guys of SEO

Rules were pretty simple in those Old Westerns. You could tell the bad guys from the good guys pretty easily. Dirty, unshaven bad guys came in on neglected horses, swaggered menacingly, grabbed indiscriminately. Good guys managed to bathe and they showed respect for others, and their property.

You could trust the good guys. You knew them by the way they conducted business: honestly, with integrity and skill.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization, or "White Hat" SEO keeps it clean. It's manually produced using trusted sources that give your site a higher trust factor.

Not only can the wrong SEO professional makes you look bad, they can get you banned from search engines. Potential customers WILL NOT be able to find you through a Google if you've been caught using unethical SEO. You'll be off of the playing field completely.

At Titletagged, we're the good guys. We follow commonly established search engine guidelines to ensure that your potential customers know how and where to find you, and your reputation is safe.

  1. First, you can trust us to be straight shooters. We will be honest with you about what we are going to do and how we are going to do it.
  2. We won't promise the moon and shrug it off later.
  3. We will respect your unique view and get to know you so that we can produce rich content tailored to your business.
  4. We will use transparent, honest identifiers for meta descriptions, tags, and titles.
  5. We will organically develop SEO through affiliation with authoritative sites, producing high-quality content, and making sure your NAP, tag, and meta description information is correct, consistent, and relevant.
  6. We listen to the ethical concerns of our own personnel and take them seriously.
  7. No one client is more important than another - all of them deserve respect.
  8. We will answer all questions to the best of our ability.

We do not use:

Cloaking techniques

Intentional Copyright infringement

Use dishonest means to improve search engine rankings

Automate content to boost site traffic

Pad your invoice with useless services

Sales pitches that promise the impossible

We're team "White Hat", all the way.